Data Science

Data Science

Within this particular expertise-group, we find a lot of hyped concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Machine-Learning, Big-Data and so forth. It may even sound scary to some, but the core concept however, is quite simple; to extract useful insight from data. This is what it is really all about. We are specialists at doing exactly this, and in addition to put the insight into a context where it can be easily and directly consumed by the clients.

As business leaders we need to understand that lack of
data is not the issue. Most businesses have more than
enough data to use constructively; we just don’t know how
to use it. The reality is that most businesses are already
data rich, but insight poor. Bernard Marr

Our projects often starts with the client having a vague idea, or even an intuition, that there lies untapped potential in my data. Contact us, and we can build on this, together. We can do a low-scope feasibility study to begin with to investigate whether or not the project can, or should, be done. Sometimes not. But sometimes, and more often so, it does make sense. And the potential can be harnessed to give you an unfair advantage.

The procedure

When we aid our clients in enabling data-insights for their business, any or all of the following steps are taken:

  • Identify business potential
  • Identify data
  • Feasibility study
  • Data training
  • Model testing and verification
  • Reports and visualizations
  • Model deployment

Types of Applications

We are working with customers within the power-production segment to help them predict the need for maintenance on critical infrastructure

We are helping customers to be more successful with their online advertisement by providing models that can predict which types of clients has the highest probability for a click, given the content of the ad itself.

We have successfully completed projects, where we used Deep Learning for classification and detection of features and objects in images.