Project Management

Project Management

Proper project-management is essential to make high quality deliveries. Therefore at Broentech, we have highly professional project managers to take the lead when we embark on our challenging projects. Their primary tasks is to

  • Define goals, milestones work-packages
  • Estimate project scope, detailed down to work-package level
  • Risk analysis
  • Handle agreements and documentation
  • Define sprints
  • Hold daily status meetings, sprint-end-, and sprint-start meetings
  • Primary client contact
  • Extract new knowledge
  • Change-handling

We will make sure that the expectations of our clients, and our own expectations are in balance at all times. We believe the best way to achieve this from day 1, is by having frequent communication with the clients. After all, there is no B2B or B2C anymore, it’s just people-to-people, right?

Sometimes, discoveries are made during the project that may have an impact on the final results so having contingency-plans for changes are important. Such plans are made so that we are exposed to opportunities, that those are exploited efficiently and in addition to reduce the probability for unwanted surprises.

We are augmenting ourselves to maximize the level of control we can have in the projects, by using tools like Jira, Trello and Tripletex. The frequency of-, and level-of-detail for progression reports during the projects will be based on the preferences of our clients, and the tools that we use to accommodate those.

The phases of a Research and Development project

Specifications are made, and based on those propose technical solutions, estimate scopes and makes a project-plan document. We may follow up by a feasibility study, when needed.

Backlogs are formed from the work-packages to serve as input for small sprints, to make it easier to track progression and keep the clients in the loop.

We prepare the documentations according the specification, delivery-verification tests and training, to prepare for commissioning the final product to the customer.