User Experiences

User Experiences

Frontend applications comes in different forms, but most people are probably associating the concept of frontent with the “App”, a program that is running on your mobile phone. For data-driven applications, which is what we do, the frontend serves the role as theĀ faceĀ of the data, and the insights that has been found in it. To make sure that the user experience is good, it’s important with simple and nice frontend applications, but just as important to have them being powered by cloud-applications that can bring required resources down to the devices fast.

We can make user experiences on any required format and operating system. It may run inside browser, or run natively on the computer. It may be on a mobile-phone or on desktop-PCs. Or all of them. You decide.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery


When we build frontend applications, these are some of our favorite tools:

Examples of frontend applications

We are working with customers that are making fantastic devices that are measuring you, while you sleep, and then uses the measurements to calculate the quality of your sleep. A lot of data and insight needs to be presented to the consumer.

We have customers in the aerospace business that creates devices that are sent to space. The devices are tested for harsh environments and we’re making native frontend applications that manages such tests.

We’ve completed a research project where we made a prototype that could count bus-passengers and measure how far they are travelling. Gamification mechanisms was deployed to attempt to smooth-out geographical traffic-peaks.